Production Credits

Black Mirror - USS Callister   CAS Award Winner: “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing”
Netflix production of Charlie Brooker's award winning creation. Our dystopian future laid bare. Staff at a games software company are blissfully unaware of the parallel universe their DNA inhabits. Directed by Toby Haynes. AMPS Nominee: Excellence in Sound and BAFTA Nominee: Best Sound
24 - Live Another Day   Season 9
Jack Bauer is back! This time for a new series based in London. All the action you’ve come to expect as the countdown to imminent disaster ticks on. Starring Kiefer Sutherland and directed by Jon Cassar and Milan Cheylov.
Lethal White 
JK Rowling's critically acclaimed Cornish detective, Cormoran Strike get his latest television outing in this four part series, Starring Tom Burke, Holliday Grainger and Robert Glenister, Directed by Sue Tully and produced for BBC and HBO by Jacie Larkin. A Bronte Films production.
Messiah Jordan - Kate Unit
Middle East main unit shooting on this epic Netflix show. 
The Split   Season 2
The everyday tale of two divorce lawyers whose personal relationship is breaking down.  Starring Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan, Direced by Paula van der Oest, Joss Agnew and Produced for Sister Pictures by Natasha Romaniuk.
Marco Polo   Seasons 1 & 2
The epic adventures of a young Italian merchant and explorer who found his way to the imperial court of no less than Kublai Khan. Shot in Venice, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Slovakia and Malaysia, an event series produced by Netflix and The Weinstein Company. Directed by John Maybury Dan Minahan, David Petrarca and, John Amiel and James McTeigue.
The Fifth Estate    Feature Film   
Dreamworks feature based on the Julian Assange WikiLeaks story. Shot in Iceland, Germany, Belgium and Africa. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Carice van Houten and Directed by Bill Condon.

The Raven    Feature Film   
A fictional account of the last five days of Edgar Allan Poe’s life. A race against time to catch the copy-cat serial killer who’s murders closely resemble the author’s macabre tales. Starring John Cusack, Brendan Gleeson and Luke Evans. Directed by James McTeigue.

Monte Carlo    Feature Film   
Three American girls arrive in Paris for the holiday of their dreams but, when everything seems to be going wrong, one of them is mistaken for a fabulously wealthy British heiress. Starring Andie McDowell, Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy. Directed by Tom Bezucha (Family Stone). Twentieth Century Fox.

Pearl Harbor    Feature Film
Ben Affleck plays Rafe McCawley an American fighter pilot who joins up with the RAF during the  early years of the Second World War. Shot down whilst flying a Spitfire in The Battle of Britain, he returns to The United States where he witnesses the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and is involved in the subsequent raids on Japan. Buena Vista’s blockbuster directed by Michael Bay (Armageddon). I was mixer on the UK Shoot. Oscar nominated “Best Sound”. 

National Treasure – Book of Secrets   Feature Film
Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris star as rival treasure hunters in this Jerry Bruckheimer epic adventure. Major dialogue and action sequences for the UK Main Unit shoot.

28 Days Later   Feature Film
Animal rights protestors break into an animal research establishment to release its captives. Despite warnings from the scientists who try to stop them, a viral holocaust ensues, destroying nearly all human life on The Planet. Shot on digital video with audio on both Deva II and 8-Track recorders. Transmitted time code for fast rushes syncing. Produced by Andrew McDonald at DNA and Directed by Danny Boyle.
Longitude   TV Drama  -  BAFTA Nominated - Best Sound    
Two 100 minute films. Flag-ship drama for Channel 4 and A&E. The screen adaptation of Dava Sobel's best-selling book. The story of the eighteenth century clock-maker and inventor, John Harrison (Michael Gambon) and the British race for supremacy at sea. Stars include: Michael Gambon, Jeremy Irons and Frank Findlay. Produced by Selwyn Roberts for Granada Films. Written and Directed by Charles Sturridge. “A Film Without Flaws” Variety.  BAFTA nominated “Best Sound”. 
The Lost Prince   TV Mini-Series
Two ninety-minute films for BBC Films.  The amazing story of King George V and Queen Mary's son, Prince John who was both epileptic and autistic. With the First World War and Russian Revolution as dramatic backdrops, events are seen through the child's eyes during a period when his physical infirmities led to him being hidden well away from the public gaze. Produced by John Chapman, Written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff.
Babylon AD    Feature Film
Veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop (Vin Diesel) takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to China. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah. Also Starring Gerard Depardieu and Michelle Yeoh. Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Twentieth Century Fox.
Downton Abbey   TV Series I/II/III
Julian Fellowes’ fantastically popular period drama which has enjoyed huge international success and won so many awards and nominations. Not least of all a BAFTA for ”Best Sound”.
The Scapegoat  TV Drama
Daphne du Maurier’s tale of mistaken identity set in the fifties. Starring Matthew Rhys. Produced by Sarah Beardsall and Dominic Minghella.   Directed by Charles Sturridge.
The Pillars of The Earth   TV Series
Ken Follett’s epic story of religious and political intrigue surrounding the construction of a Cathedral in mediaeval England. Starring Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Matthew McFadyen, Rufus Sewell and many more, Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.
Henry IV   TV Mini-Series
Shakepeare’s two-part play for the BBC “Cultural Olympics” series. Starring Jeremy Irons, Simon Russell-Beale and Tom Hiddleston. Directed by Richard Eyre.
Family Tree TV Series
Christopher Guest’s spoof documentary series starring Chris O’Dowd for UK and US television.
World Without End   TV Series
Ken Follett’s epic story of religious and political intrigue surrounding the construction of Bridge in mediaeval England. Directed by Michael Caton-Jones.
From Time To Time  Feature Film
Maggie Smith and Timothy Spall star in this delightful childrens’ ghost story. Directed by Julian Fellowes and Produced by Liz Trubridge.
Shackleton    TV Mini-Series  -   CAS Award Winner: “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing”
The incredible story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 expedition to cross the Antarctic. Shot in the UK, Iceland and Greenland, an epic adventure charting the 2 year journey of a 27 man team by ship, sledge and open boat from South Georgia through The World’s most inhospitable seas and finally back to safety. Produced by Selwyn Roberts and Directed by Charles Sturridge. A&E/Channel 4.  Emmy nominated: “Best Sound Editing”
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging  Feature Film
The charming story of a 14-year-old girl who keeps a diary about the ups and downs of being a teenager, including the things she learns about kissing. Directed by Gurinder Chadha.
It’s a Wonderful Afterlife    Feature Film
Gurinder’s Chadha’s black comedy about a mother who wants nothing but the best for her daughter and will stop at nothing to get it.
The Dark   Feature Film
Sean Bean and Maria Bello star as separated husband and wife thrown back together by the apparent death of their daughter who is drowned in an awful accident – or is she? Produced by Jeremy Bolt and Directed by John Fawcett.
The Upside of Anger   Feature Film
Kevin Costner and Joan Allen star in this light-hearted story about a single mother and her four teenage daughters for whom love conquers all. Written & Directed by Mike Binder and Produced by Jack Binder.
Dead Fish   Feature Film
Gary Oldman, Robert Carlyle and Terence Stamp star in this black comedy about a hit-man and a locksmith whose mobile phones are accidentally switched. Directed by Charley Stadler.
Ripley’s Game   Feature Film
The sequel to "The Talented Mr Ripley". John Malkovich plays Tom Ripley in the screen adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's gripping novel. Shot in Asolo, Northern Italy, Rome and Berlin. Also starring Ray Winstone & Dougray Scott. Produced by Telescope Films and Directed by Liliana Cavani.
The Hole   Feature Film
Four teenagers disappear into a disused underground bomb shelter. Only one comes out alive. The story of what happened gradually unfolds into a tangled web of jealousy and lies with intricate twists and turns along the way. Produced by Jeremy Bolt for Cowboy/Granada/Pathé Films and Directed by Nick Hamm. 
The Parole Officer   Feature Film
Steve Coogan plays the mild-mannered Blackpool probation officer who becomes unwittingly entangled in police corruption and a murder. His former clients leap to his assistance using their "special" skills. Produced by Duncan Kenworthy.  Directed by John Duigan.
That Good Night   Feature Film
John Hurt stars alongside Sofia Helen, Erin Richards and Max Brown in this film adaptation of the NJ Crisp play. Terminally ill Ralph (Hurt) has two missions: to be reconciled with his son and not to be a burden on his wife. Directed by Eric Styles.
The Criminal   Feature Film
A series of particularly gruesome East London murders are pinned on the wrong man. Internet conspiracy, corruption in the police and a plot filled with twists and turns add spice to this British movie for 1999. Starring Steve MacKintosh, Natasha Little and Eddie Izzard. Written and Directed by Juilian Simpson.
King Arthur   Feature Film
2 Weeks UK Main Unit. Shooting for the Jerry Bruckheimer epic.
Milk   Feature Film
A very English look at a death. Based on a farm near Marlborough. A family feud over the heirlooms and the corpse! A black comedy starring James Fleet, Clothilde Coreau, Dawn French, Peter Jones and Francesca Annis. Written and Directed by Bill Brookfield. A Gummfluh Films Production for Sky Movies.
Endgame     Feature Film
Corrupt police, drugs, vice and a rent boy combine to make this original script. Starring Mark McGann, Danny Newman, John Benfield, Corey Johnson & Toni Barry. Produced by Gary Jones, Directed by Gary Wickes.
Wing Commander   Feature Film
Space Science Fiction Movie based on the computer game. Lots of action and special effects. Full Digital Sound Track with Digislate and transmitted time code for sync. Stars included David Suchet, Jurgen Prochnov (Das Boot), Tcheky Karyo (Nikita). Directed by Chris Roberts
Talos – The Mummy   Feature Film
A new twist to the traditional Mummy genre, this feature film, shot in Luxembourg, stars amongst many others Christopher Lee, Jason Scott-Lee, Louise Lombard and Sean Pertwee. Full Digital Sound with Digislate time code. Produced by Sylvio Muraglio and Daniel Sladek. Directed by Russell Mulcahy.
Crush Depth   Feature Film
Stephen Baldwin, Tom Conti & Gabrielle Anwar as marine scientists who set off on a routine research trip aboard a US Navy submarine beneath the Polar Ice. Their boat is mistakenly rammed by a Russian vessel, which is destroyed in the accident. Produced by Sylvio Muraglio and Daniel Sladek. Directed by Greg Champion.
UFO   Feature Film
Roy Chubby Brown’s first feature film. Following the success of his videos, which outsold both “Silence of the Lambs” and “Peter Pan” in 1992, Polygram and Working Title commissioned this film in which Chubby is kidnapped by feminist Aliens. Produced by Simon Wright and Directed by Tony Dow.
The Sight   TV Series
An American Architect comes to England to oversee a building project but rapidly becomes involved in the race-against-time hunt for a copycat serial killer. Made as the pilot for a series by Fox Television and Sky, Produced by Jeremy Bolt & Chris Symes and Directed by Paul Anderson.
Sarah   TV Drama
The story of the romance and marriage but eventual separation of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Mono Nagras used on location with all rushes sent to New York for Post-Production. Produced by Norman Rosemont.
These Foolish Things   Feature Film
Stars abound in this theatrical romantic love story, set during the lead up to The Second World War. Starring Lauren Bacall, Anjelica Houston, Terence Stamp etc. Written, Produced and Directed by Julia Taylor-Stanley.
National Treasure   Feature Film
Nick Cage stars in this Jerry Bruckheimer “Raiders” style epic. UK Shoot.
Adventure Inc.  TV Drama Series
A team of treasure hunters sail the seven seas in search of rare relics, but all is not as it seems when successive gangs of armed criminals cross their path. Directed by Mark Roper and Tom Clegg.
She Wolf of London   TV Drama Series
Fifteen fifty-minute episodes for Universal Pictures Television. A supernatural mystery adventure series starring Neil Dickson and Kate Hodge with different guest stars each week. When reviewed in America by Variety Magazine the verdict was “Sound is Excellent!”. Directors: Denis Abey, Roger Chieveley, Gerry Mill and Brian Grant.
Einstein & Eddington   TV Drama
David Tennant and Andy Serkis in the true story of the first Englishman able to understand and introduce Einstein’s revolutionary theories to the wider, international scientific community. Directed by Philip Martin.
A Short Stay in Switzerland   TV Drama
Julie Walters stars as Dr. Anne Turner in the moving story of the Bath GP. Directed by Simon Curtis for BBC Television. Produced by Liz Trubridge.
Dead Set   TV Drama - Hi-Def
Zombies take over The World and the only survivors are the trapped participants in the latest “Big Brother”! An Endemol production for Channel 4. Written and produced by Charlie Brooker. Directed by Yann Demange.

Miss Marple   TV Drama – Series II
Marple investigates the murders. Starring Geraldine McEwan and amongst many others, Ken Russell, Harry Enfield, Dawn French, Martin Kemp, Paul McGann, Russ Abbott, Geraldine Chaplin, John Sessions  Directed by Ed Hall, Tom Shanklin, Peter Medak & Paul Unwin and Produced for Granada by Matthew Read.

Henry VIII   TV Mini-Series - International Emmy Award Winner
Ray Winstone as Henry sweeps through 16th Century England in his quest to provide a legitimate son and heir for the throne. Two 100 minute episodes for the ITV network. Also starring Sean Bean, Helena Bonham-Carter and David Suchet. Directed by Pete Travis and Produced by Francis Hopkinson. 
Silent Witness   TV Drama Series
The BBC’s perennial pathology drama series starring Amanda Burton. Produced by Richard Burrell, Nick Pitt and Directed by John Duthie.
Spooks   TV Drama Series - BAFTA Nominated - Best Sound
Primetime BBC Television Drama. Action-packed MI-5 series made by Kudos. Produced by Andrew Woodhead. Directed by Antonia Bird & Julian Simpson.
Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky   TV Drama
Exceptional Period Drama for BBC Television. Shot on the latest Hi-Definition video cameras. Directed by Simon Curtis and Produced by Kate Harwood.
Little Britain Abroad     TV Drama Series - International Emmy Award Winner
Matt Lucas and David Walliams star in this Christmas Special for 2006. Special Guests include Dawn French & Ronnie Corbett. Shot on location in UK and Majorca. Produced by Jeff Pozner and Directed by Matt Lypsey. 
Primeval     TV Drama Series
Primetime ITV Television Drama. Action-packed family fantasy drama series. Directed by Cilla Ware & Jamie Payne. Shot in UK and The Canary Islands.
Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe   TV Drama
Henry Winkler and Nick James star in this children's comedy. Feature length Christmas Special directed my Matt Bloom for Kindle Entertainment.
Class of '76   TV Mini-Series
A serial killer is on the loose in this race against time to piece together the clues and catch the killer before they can kill again. Produced by Matthew Bird for Zenith and Directed by Ashley Pearce.
Forty   TV Mini-Series
A web of sex, lies and deceit unravels as forty year old ex-pupils are thrown together at their school reunion. Starring Joanne Whalley, Eddie Izzard and Kerry Fox. Produced for Channel 4 by Company Pictures and Directed by David Moore. 
Hawk   TV Drama
Two fifty-minute episodes for BBC TV. A pilot for a six episode series, Robert Lindsay plays a disaffected university professor with a weakness for danger who investigates the mysterious disappearance of a boxer in fish-and-chip-shop mafia controlled North London. Directed by Robin Sheppard.
Murphy’s Law   TV Drama Series
James Nesbitt stars as the undercover cop who solves a different mystery each week. 4 Episodes for BBC/Tiger Aspect. Diected by Ed Fraiman and Phil John.
Frances Tuesday   TV Mini-Series
Tamsin Outhwaite stars at the centre of this high-octane drama where staying one step ahead of the underworld is a matter of life or death. 
99-1   TV Series
Twenty Weeks shooting in and around London on the last series starring Leslie Grantham. Produced by Zenith for Carlton and the ITV Network. Directed by Anthony Simmons, Patrick Lau, David Penn and Anthony Quinn.
Love Hurts   TV Series
A series of ten episodes made for BBCtv by Alomo Productions. Starring Adam Faith, Zöe Wannamaker and Jane Lapotaire. Shot at Elstree Studios, around London and in Senegal, West Africa. A full stereo soundtrack recorded on Timecode Nagras with Digislate sync. Post-Production Sound was at Videosonics and Dennis Weinrech the Dubbing Mixer. Directed by Carol Wiseman, Guy Slater and Roger Bamford.
Anorak of Fire   TV Drama
Made for BBC Screen Two, a comedy based around the story of love and a train-spotter. Shot in Ilkley for transmission at Christmas. Time coded DAT sound tracks with stereo effects. Directed by Elijah Moschinsky and Produced by Tatiana Kennedy and Elizah Mellor.
Murder City   TV Series
Two Episodes for a six-part series starring Amanda Donohoe as DI Alembic who investigates a different London murder each week. Produced by Francis Hopkinson and Directed by Ashley Rowe. 
Codename Kyril   TV Mini-Series
A four-hour spy thriller serial shown in two two-hour episodes on the ITV Network. Starring Ian Charleson, Edward Woodward and Richard E Grant. Shot on location in the UK, Holland and Norway. An HTV Production in association with Incito. Produced by Beryl Vertue and Directed by Ian Sharp.
Lyddie   TV Drama
The story of a Canadian girl who has to leave her family home, farming during the depression of the 1860s in Saskatchewan and go to work in the cotton mills. Shot on Super 16 with Digislate onto Timecode DAT with all post-production work carried out in Canada. Produced by Wall to Wall and Bear Necessities Productions for BBC and Canadian TV. Producer Alex Graham.
Gypsy Fires   TV Drama
A Christmas Story for children shot on location in West Wales starring James Coburn and Edward Woodward.  Two DAT recorders used with post-production on Lightworks. Produced for Peakviewing and SABAN. Directed by David Hemmings.
Maigret   TV Drama
Made for Robert Cooper Entertainment. A pilot for the series which later starred Michael Gambon. Starring Richard Harris in the title role for this pilot, locations included the UK, France, The Canary Islands, North Africa, Madeira and a Cruise Liner.
London’s Burning   TV Series
Second Unit for series’ five, six and seven.
Some Other Spring   TV Drama
A two hour thriller shown on the ITV Network. Starring Jenny Seagrove shot in the UK and Istanbul. Directed by Peter Duffell.
Howard’s Way   TV Series
Second Unit shooting for the last series.
Earthstars   TV Drama
A two hour BBC Natural History Unit Drama starring Max Wall.
Foreign Experience:
America, Angola, Antigua, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Congo, The Canaries, The Caymen Islands, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark,  England, France, Germany, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ibiza, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, Luxembourg, Madeira, Majorca, Malaysia, Malta, Menorca, Monaco, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Wales.

...and I speak reasonably good French.

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